October 3, 2022



Your iPhone 14 Acquire Would possibly Be Faster and More uncomplicated Than You Assume

There’s a brand new Accessibility surroundings in iOS 16, however it seems that it handiest...

There’s a brand new Accessibility surroundings in iOS 16, however it seems that it handiest works for iPhone 14 fashions. When became on, your iPhone 14 could make a Mac-like startup chime when it’s turning off and on. The brand new choice was once not too long ago noticed within the iOS 16 Liberate Candidate.

Apple Provides Startup Chime for iPhone 14

In a while after the announcement of the iPhone 14, Apple seeded the iOS 16 Liberate Candidate. Naturally, other folks began digging into the code to look what new tidbits might be gleaned from it. Assistive technology expert Steven Aquino, in conjunction with developer Steve Moser, discovered the appropriate code.

The choice, it seems that, will display up underneath Settings > Accessibility > Energy On & Off Sounds on an iPhone 14. I checked the suitable Settings pane on iOS 16 RC on my iPhone 13 Professional, and it’s now not there.

Alternatively, Moser situated the strings that are meant to permit the surroundings toggles to seem. He’s been fairly busy digging into the code base, noting the above discussed Accessibility surroundings together with one to “wake and unencumber iPhone while you faucet the show or swipe up from the ground fringe of the Lock display screen.”

Aquino identified that many “Blind and occasional imaginative and prescient other people, even within the nation, wanted for a concrete strategy to inform whether or not their telephone restarted.” Aquino and Moser each showed the surroundings seems to be incorporated within the iOS 16 RC code.

No Video Demo But, Naturally

Because the iPhone 14 hasn’t shipped but, there naturally aren’t any movies demonstrating the added startup chime. Alternatively, Twitter person @AppleSWUpdates found the audio file throughout the running machine.

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It’s now not precisely the similar because the startup chime we’ve heard from our Macs virtually for the reason that first style, however it’s reminiscent. What has me really puzzled is why this actual choice will handiest come to the iPhone 14. Different, older fashions are nonetheless in extensive use and I see no reason one thing so simple as a startup chime can be restricted to the newest {hardware}.