September 28, 2022


How A lot Does Apple Obtain in Subsidies From U.S. States?

Those that steadily practice the controversies and court cases surrounding Apple’s App Retailer most likely...

Those that steadily practice the controversies and court cases surrounding Apple’s App Retailer most likely acknowledge the title Kosta Eleftheriou. Eleftherious has been somewhat vocal concerning the App Retailer evaluation procedure. He even went as far as to sue Apple in 2021, mentioning inconsistent and unfair enforcement of that procedure. Apple has not too long ago reached a lawsuit agreement settlement with the FlickType developer out of courtroom.

Lawsuits About Remedy of FlickType Keyboard App for Apple Watch Result in Lawsuit

Eleftheriou has been recognized to assemble and reveal lists of rip-off apps that get previous Apple’s App Retailer evaluation procedure. Moderately frequently, those rip-off apps even made it into the shop’s charts of top-performing titles with out Apple taking motion.

On the identical time, he’s famous that the Cupertino-based corporate has introduced him with “roadblock after roadblock” as he attempted keeping up his FlickType keyboard app for Apple Watch. On the identical time, Eleftheriou notes, Apple allowed more than one copycat apps at the App Retailer reputedly with out problem.

The FlickType developer was once compelled to document a lawsuit in opposition to Apple in 2021 over the topic, since those copycat apps flourished at the App Retailer whilst his languished. In his grievance, he alleged that Apple deliberately centered his app right through the evaluation procedure to check out to drive him to promote it at a bargain.

Apple and Eleftheriou Succeed in Agreement Settlement, Request Case Dismissal

During the process the lawsuit, Eleftheriou identified that Apple denied his app as it allegedly presented a deficient person enjoy. This turns out difficult to imagine, regardless that, since a number of of the app’s competition merely built-in the FlickType keyboard into their very own, temporarily licensed, apps.

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Later, after Apple in spite of everything licensed FlickType, its early luck intended scammers introduced a lot much less usable competition at less expensive costs. Those apps boosted their luck thru a marketing campaign of faux scores and evaluations. FlickType’s earnings plummeted from $130,000 in its first month to simply $20,000.

After a significant of courtroom calls with a pass judgement on, Eleftheriou and Apple reached a agreement settlement. Each events asked a dismissal of the lawsuit on July 21. Neither Eleftheriou or Apple has commented at the phrases of the agreement. Given Eleftheriou’s ongoing complaint of the App Retailer, regardless that, the agreement will have to had been no less than rather agreeable.